A Blueprint to Launch Your Product Like a Pro

BossLaunch is a must have toolset for makers and builders that want to get more eyes on their startup. 

This bundle of resources will save at least 40 hours of work/research plus you will find some tools you didn’t know exist.

​”The Product With The Best Distribution Wins”

With BossLaunch 3

Yes, we shamelessly edited this from Forbes.

What is it

A bundle of resources that can help you grow your startup/product fast(er). 

Perfect for:

  • SaaS
  • Mobile apps
  • Services

A list of 80+ websites to submit your startup

There are more than 80 platforms available where entrepreneurs can showcase their startups. These platforms offer a unique opportunity to gain exposure, attract potential customers, network with investors, and receive valuable feedback.

Bonus: we also added 50+ AI directories list.

websites list boss launch
growth hacking ideas

300+ Growth hacking ideas

Find ideas and inspiration in how other amazing startups grow their marketing efforts. Learn from their mistakes and successes.

Mental Models For Marketing

Many founders lack the understanding of basic psychology to promote their products.

Mental models are psychological representations of real, hypothetical, or imaginary situations. 

In marketing, mental models are used to understand customer decision-making, behaviors, and perceptions about a product or service.

mental models

Accelerators List​

Accelerators are a great way to get your product off the ground.

In the list there are 50+ accelerators where you can apply to get funding, mentoring and help for your startup or product. 

accelerators list

Yes, you need this!

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Get $$$ Startup Credits for Free

Get thousands of dollars in credits to build a great startup.

Apply for startup credits for different software or resources like cloud hosting, CRMs, marketing software and more. 


Amazon AWS





Google Cloud 


and many more

You also get these 3 Bonuses


Launch Communities List

A list of 30+ great communities where you can add your startup, get feedback and create connections with like minded entrepreneurs.


Press and News Websites

Get your startup in the news, submit your newsworthy details about your startup to journalists or well known publication in the tech industry.


Tools to Submit Faster

A list of 7 productivity tools you can use to save time submitting your startup to the lists above.


Seeing a list of different websites we could be on was what made me purchase it, we are just focused on being in front of as many people as possible at the moment. 

Spandana -


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The pricing is simple, just ̶4̶9̶  $37 USD this week, to save around 40 hours of work. 

You get access to all the resources + lifetime updates.

One time payment.

ps. if only one of the resources from this extensive list works you will get your money 10x fold or more.

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Frequently Asking Questions

Who is this for?

Any tech entrepreneur that wants to improve the chances of launching or relaunching it’s product.

What exactly do I get?

You get access to our Notion databases with the above resources and lists. We update these monthly to be sure these are up to date and add new ones.

How do I receive access to the resources?

After purchase you will receive access to the BossLaunch resources via email. 

What is your refund policy?

If you are not happy with your puchase and you think none of the resources you find in the bunlde help you we will issue a full refund. 


Launching and growing any product, software, app or service in a sea of products launched everyday is hard. “Build it and they will come is not true” the internet is different now.

I built BossLaunch to help founders (indie hackers)  grow their projects, with the resources inside you can build small levers that can make your product profitable.

Alex – a fellow founder

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